Paula Borges is a ladies' clothing company created in 1983.

A Northern Portugal company with approximately 100 employees divided into two units, Maia and Baião both close to the city of Porto.

Skilled in vertical product development, from design, modeling, cutting, confection, control, finishing, packaging and distribution.

Execution in noble fabrics such as natural silk and many others.

Enabled with Lectra Systems CAD / CAM system.

It produces approximately 50,000 pieces / year from dresses, blouses, bumpers, pants, skirts, coats, bride dresses, etc ....

Very close partnership with the biggest, best designers and houses worldwide in the elaboration of their collections and / or productions.

Our versatility of product development, premium quality, impeccable service reveal our greatest assets.

A young team that offers solutions to its clients and tries to solve their problems with hard work and seriousness.

The future can and should be positive if we believe in the work we do with the utmost rigour and dedication. This is our greatest legacy!